Rest in Koblevo 2022

Ukrainian resources are well-known all over the world. Koblevo is one of them. Koblevo resort is situated at the Black Sea.

  • 67 km from Odessa
  • 83 km from Mykolaiv

Koblevo is not only a resort it is also a Sanctuary with variable flora and fauna. Come and rest in Koblevo 2022 and you will be able to enjoy the beauty of this place.

The length of the coast line in Koblevo is 7 km. The beach is sandy as most tourists prefer. 

To rent a room in Koblevo is not a problem but it is better to care about it in advance. Nowadays there are hotels, hostels and campings in Koblevo. So you can choose anything you like.

coastline of the resort of Koblevo
recreation center in Koblevo with comfortable conditions

If you rent a room in «California» hotel you won’t regret. The privilege of our hotel is the location. The hotel «California» is situated right on the beach on the first coast line and at the same time in the very heart of the resort. There are lots of cafes and shops close to the hotel. Modern comfort rooms, free parking, furnished terrace or balcony (to your choice), cocktail bar are at your service. Booking tickets, meal delivery, transfer, laundry is only a small list of the extra services at our hotel.


Room 3-seater, without sea view.

43 $/day


Room 3-seater, without sea view.

43 $/day


Room 3-seater, without sea view.

43 $/day


Room 3-seater with sea view.

54 $/day


Room 3-seater with sea view.

54 $/day


Room 3-seater with sea view.

54 $/day


Room 4-seater with sea view.

65 $/day


Room 4-seater with sea view.

There is a terrace with sun loungers.

72 $/day


Room 4-seater with sea view.

65 $/day


Аpartment with a kitchen and a terrace.

186 $/day


Бар отеля Калифорния в Коблево
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    First line to the beach
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    Own bar
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    Comfortable rooms
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    Free wi-fi
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    Everything for family rest
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    2 terraces

Rest on the sea in Koblevo on an equipped beach

rest on the sea in Koblevo

Beaches in Koblevo are public and free. As a rule there are dressing rooms on the beaches. Some of the beaches are under the private hotels’ control.  Most of beaches are organized with tents, umbrellas and chaise longs. The hotel «California» beach is clean and guarded. To rent a chaise lounge for the whole day will cost about 50 hrvns. Our beach is well groomed and functional. For you comfort it is equipped with wood lanes and beds. Beach beds are separated by plants. On the  «California» beach you will be able to rent a chaise longue or a bed for a whole family. Our beach was created with care and tender!

Leisure activities in Koblevo 2022

The infrastructure in Koblevo is highly developed.There are shops, cafes, markets where you can buy anything you need. At our bar you will be offered a cup of coffee or a tasty cocktail.

Those who love active rest won’t feel bored on the beach.

There are lots of water entertainments:

  • catamaran,
  • banana,
  • water ski,
  • parasailing and much more.

Water attractions are extra charged.

Aqua park «Koblevo»

     The advantage of Koblevo is that everyone can arrange his activity according to his budget and preferences. If you prefer family vacation with children you should visit dolphinarium or aqua park. Aqua park represents a whole entertainment center with water attractions, water slides, swimming pools, jacuzzi and fast food cafe. Aqua park is a place  where positive emotions are running high! Aqua park Koblevo is situated upon entry to the resort. It is open for visitors  from June to August from 10a.m. to 6 p.m. every day. 

Koblevo, st.Morskaya, 150

Dolphinarium on vacation in Koblevo

Dolphinarium “Nemo”

The dolphinarium Koblevo “Nemo” is opening in the beginning of June as well. None can stay indifferent to the unforgettable show! The spectacular performance, the professionalism of trainers and lovely dolphins will touch every soul! Visiting of dolphinarium or aqua park is always a good idea!! 

Koblevo, st.Morskaya, 163

Would you like to spend a romantic weekend and to relax after hard working day? Plenty of cafes, restaurants and night clubs are open for you.

One of the most popular night club is “Brazil”. This is the place where the spirit  of freedom prevails. 

Night club “Brazil”

The night club “Brazil” in Koblevo represents dancing and acrobatic shows, best DJ sets and  thematic parties. Every  year top Ukrainian singers and groups perform concerts in the club. Among them are: Tina Karol, Monatik, the Hardkiss and many more.  

Koblevo, Resort prospect, 1B

There is a number of restaurants in Koblevo with nice sea view. Among them are:
  • “Boro Boro”,
  • “Mama plyaz”,
  • “Pizza & Steak”.

What is worth visiting on vacation in Koblevo?

Island Berezan

If you seek for new knowledge you should take an excursion to the island  Berezan, to the oyster farm or to Koblevo Wine Factory. The island Berezan is a place of great history. The island has always been shrouded in myths and legends. Here were found the Ancient Greek artifacts. The island belonged to different states from Kingdom of Poland to Crimean Khanate.The excursion will give an excellent opportunity to touch the history and open up the mystery of the island. 

46°35′55″ nl 31°24′37″ el

Oyster farm “Skifian Oysters”

Gourmets are recommended to attend the oyster farm “Skifian Oysters”. Here you are able to taste fresh Black Sea oysters and delicious seafood. The farm is open every day from 10 a.m. (except Monday 1p.m.) to the last client.

Mykolaiv region, st. Tiligulskaya

Koblevo Wine Factory

And surely it is impossible to overlook the excursion to the Koblevo Wine Factory. The excursion will enable to acquaint with the cultivation of grape and wine production and to demonstrate all the equipment. Wine tasting will be a perfect completion of the excursion.The excursions take place upon appointment from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 12p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.  

Nikolaev region, Berezansky district,  Vinogradnoe village, st. Vinogradnaya, 2A

Weather during the holiday at sea in Koblevo at different times

The season in Koblevo starts on the 1 of May. Hotels, recreation centers and restaurants are opening for the guests. In the beginning of May supermarkets «Marka » and «Moya Kraina» are open. There are cash points in these shops. On the way to Koblevo near the road there is Privatbank which is open all the year round.  

Don’t you know what to do in Koblevo in May? Rest in spring means total unity with nature. No need to forget that in addition to entertainments Koblevo is particularly a recreational zone, a unique corner of Ukrainian nature. In May it is still possible to see pheasants, swans and dolphins and to enjoy the scent of blooming trees. So romantic people will like Koblevo in spring. Sportsmen, yoga masters and lovers prefer Koblevo in spring. They appreciate the privacy and the possibility of concentration. 

In the beginning of May the restaurant “Pizza & Steak”, the oyster farm “Skifian oysters” and the excursion to the Koblevo wine factory start working. 

The average temperature in May is + 23°. In May and in the beginning of June it can rain. But as people say: “The weather is changeable on the beach.” That means that in half an hour after the rain the sun appears.

 The demand for the rooms in May is lower than in summer so prices are cheaper than in hot season. 

The hotel “ California” suggest opening summer season 2022 together! What’s a pleasure to come to the beach after a long winter, to organise a picnic (all the utensils for grill is provided in the hotel) and just to feel sun rays on your skin.  

August represents the peak of the sun activity. According to the National Weather Service the average temperature in August last year was +30°. July and August is hot season, the period of the highest demand. It is widely believed that in the second part of summer jellyfish appear. The quantity of jellyfish directly depends on the water flow. So if jellyfish worry you today, tomorrow the water flow will change and the amount of jellyfish will decrease. All the Black Sea species of jellyfish do not represent any danger to people. By the way all the beach territory is patrolled by qualified lifeguards who are always ready to help. The are medical offices in Koblevo. One of them “Clinik” is situated 2 minutes of walk from the hotel “California”. 

The season usually ends in September. So called “velvet season” is a perfect time for rest as well. The average temperature in September is +23°. The warm sun and the absence of crowds makes Koblevo a desirable place for vacation in this period. The average temperature of water is +21°. So it is still possible to bathe in the sea.  


Despite of the developed stereotype Koblevo resort  is not only the beach, it is also a place of sights and cultural attractions.

To sum it up the vacation in Koblevo 2022 won ‘t be boring. It guarantees lots of fun and impressions!


Прекрасный отель для прекрасного отдыха! Отдыхали в отеле «California» этим августом и остались полностью довольны! Прямо у въезда в отель встречала администраторша, которая провела мини-экскурс по территории. Номер был в отличном состоянии! На территории отеля есть бар и столики. Пляж находится сразу за выходом с отеля. За 10 дней отдыха, номер убирался постоянно, а так же менялось постельное белье и полотенца. Уборкой всегда оставались довольны! Мебель в самом номере в отличном состоянии. Пляж, относящийся к территории отеля был всегда убран, а лежаки можно снять за приличную цену(50 гривен шезлонг)! В целом, очень довольны отелем и его работниками! Обязательно приедем ещё! Спасибо!

Надежда Петкова - 10/09/2021

В первые были в Коблево ,в мае заехали в отель Калифорния на пару дней и приятно были удивлены ,профессиональное обслуживание , доброжелательное отношение ,отличные современные номера ,близость к морю , в июне отдыхали неделю все просто отлично если хотите отдохнуть в комфорте ,в приятной обстановке то вам в отель Калифорния есть все для комфортного проживания и отдыха .

Сергей - 30/06/2021

Понравилось месторасположение, отношение и доброжелательность персонала. Всё было хорошо!

Ольга - 05/01/2021